About Vaughan Paintball

Vaughan Paintball is always growing and we have made some upgrades for the 2015 season. Traditionally, this Toronto based outdoor paintball field catered only to marker-owners and teams who wanted practice time without having to travel an hour out of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). However, under new management; we have taken Vaughan Paintball to a whole new level of service and demographic.  Equipment owners, casual renters and spectators (including the on-lookers from the highway 400 south) will now be able to share in the experience. We’ve increased the parking zones and are running two fields for the 2 styles of play. We welcome all new comers and paintball enthusiast in the city of Toronto and abroad to join us for an exciting and safe activity.  Paintball… The sport we love to play.

Vaughan Paintball Toronto Aerial View

Vaughan Paintball Toronto Aerial View

The staging area has been revamped to house two separate audiences and shelters for those really sunny days. An enclosed chronograph station/ shooting range has also been built.

Our newest addition to the Vaughan environment is our recball/scenario field. Properly named “Border Crossing”, this field has been designed and built by very well established members in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) paintball community. This will depict a post-apocalyptic border crossing. Strategic points in the field will be key to success but difficult to obtain which is fun for any level of player, new or experienced.

Tippmann FT 12 and gravity hopperWe are glad to introduce the new Low Impact Tippmann FT 50 cal paintball markers which we have added to our .68 Caliber Tippmann FT 12’s at Vaughan Paintball / A Squared Paintball.

We are open to corporate events for team building, group gatherings, birthday/private parties, and other social groups looking to experience a safe and entertaining activity. We are here to serve our community by growing our sport we love to play.

What is Low Impact Paintball?

Low Impact paintball uses smaller paintballs & equipment so it is easier for the player to handle & stings less when players mark each other. You will play the traditional game of paintball, but this new equipment allows younger players & those that are concerned with the impact to play!

Why Low Impact?

One of the biggest objections of potential paintball players is that they are afraid it will hurt, so Low Impact gives us a way to introduce new players without the full impact of the standard .68 caliber paintball. It is also a great option for younger players.

Speedball is something of a familiar face here at Vaughan Paintball. This year, we wanted to be able to run any type of event layout. In order to do so, we have expanded the field by +10 feet and now have a full CXBL sized cage. We also rolled the field to get rid of imperfections to the grass/soil and added our gridding system to ensure all the proper angles are visible. A new two-stage entrance has been built for players itching to get on the field for some game time.

Operating Hours

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Hours of Operation for Spring/Summer 2015:

Rec Ball field – Saturday & Sunday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

Paintball Field Rental (Field rentals for parties of 10 or more players)

Saturdays:  9:00am –  8:00pm

Sundays: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Private Party Bookings

(647) 273-5583

Equipment List


We have all new rental equipment for beginners and groups to use. Our rental equipment includes:

  • Tippmann FT-12 Paintball Marker + Barrel Cover
  • 3000ci Steel High Pressure Air Tank
  • Anti-Fog Full Face Mask
  • 0.68 Cal Paintballs (We only use high quality paintballs which hurt less than conventional paintballs)


  • Tippmann FT-50 LOW IMPACT Paintball Marker + Barrel Cover
  • 3000ci Steel High Pressure Air Tank
  • Anti-Fog Full Face Mask
  • 0.50 Cal Paintballs (We only use high quality paintballs which hurt less than conventional paintballs)

Other Items are available for rent such as coveralls and chest protectors.

Equipment Owners

Equipment Owners must have all equipment required to play:

  • Paintball Marker + functional barrel cover, chronograph to 240- 250 fps and capped at 12.5bps
  • TC Certified Compressed Air Tank (we do not fill CO2 air tanks)
  • Paintball Certified Facemask
  • Loader/hopper

Field Safety

Although we strive to make your paintball experience exhilarating, it is important to us to make safety is a top priority. Paintball players must always wear a protective face-mask specifically designed for paintball. Face-mask must be worn at all times during all games and at all times when a person is in an area where shooting is permitted, such as the target range or chronograph area.

When in safe zones such as the staging area, all markers must have the barrel blocked with a proper barrel sock. If current barrel sock is deemed unfit by staff a new one is required which can be purchased from A-Squared Paintball Pro Shop.

Referees on the field enforce safety and game rules. No physical contact is permitted in the game, and players are ejected from games or the premises for breaking safety or playing rules. Fields have boundaries, and a player who steps outside a field’s boundary is eliminated from the game.

Paintball is a very safe sport as long as safety rules are followed.

  • Full face-mask paintball goggle system
    These are designed and safety tested for protection from paintball.
  • Supervised marker checks (Chronograph)
    All markers are checked by our staff to ensure safe and equal power.
  • Barrel Socks
    To prevent accidental marker discharges in the staging area.
  • Supervised entrance checks
    To ensure that only safe markers enter the staging area from the playing field.
  • Safety viewing net
    To prevent stray paintballs from entering the staging area.
  • Complete instruction for all players
    Designed to introduce you to all aspects of paintball before you play.