The Rec Ball Field aka The Border Crossing

Opening the field to the pubic Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Border Crossing – Rec-ball field has been designed and built by very well established members in the paintball community. this will depict a post-apocalyptic border crossing. Strategic points in the field will be key to success but difficult to obtain which is fun for any level of player, new or experienced.

The particular rules and variants of our rec ball games are limitless, however the basic modes that are often played and organized by referees/operators are:

12695123_originalElimination — Teams must tag every opponent without being eliminated themselves.

Ironman — Teams or individuals play as per normal, but a tag does not count as an elimination. The game only ends once players either surrender or run out of paint.

Capture the Flag (CTF) — Both teams attempt to capture opposing teams flag, or a single neutral flag. Depending on the rules agreed upon, tagged players may be able to re-enter the game after an allotted time period.

Protect the VIP — Teams must protect a single player on their team, while opponents must eliminate this individual. Non-VIP players may re-enter the field after being tagged, but the game ends when a VIP is tagged.

King of the Hill — Players must either defend or capture a point of interest.

Zombies – One player starts against all others. But the one player is a zombie and can only be eliminated by getting marked on their head. If they shoot any opposing players they turn into a zombie after a certain respawn time. Game is over when either team is all eliminated.

10376727_10154249242955422_8476385788185180531_nThis field is mainly .50cal which have a much less of an impact then regular .68cal paintballs which is perfect for younger , more timid players. They also have further range and better accuracy using less air.

Field speed is limited to 280FPS and we use .50cal white or yellow eco-fill or PEG-baesd paintballs only unless purchased from A2 Paintball Pro shop.